Our agile, vibrant, entrepreneurial culture inspires us to bring innovative sleep-tech to life. Working at the intersection of digital systems and mattress creation, we create new possibilities in science-based comfort that lead to better sleep experiences.

The inspiration behind our innovations

We’re a bridge between mattress companies and the tech industry, working seamlessly across the value chain. Firm believers in the power of science, we combine the best of the PU-foam, automotive and digital sectors to be active sleep-tech pioneers. 

About Variowell

Our evolving journey

Our founder, Tobias, comes from a family that understands the value of comfort: his grandfather was a manufacturer of high-quality duvets and quilts. In 2008, supported by Daniela, Tobias began realizing his vision of creating sleep-tech products.

Many have tried and failed in sleep-tech. But with Variowell, the path to success was clearly defined. Get sleep-research experts involved from the start. Create a global team with a diverse cultural background. And dive deep into material science.

All R&D companies know that successful product development needs lots of testing to gather real-time data and lab data. Daniela and Tobias couldn’t do this alone. So they enlisted the support and advice of large chemical companies, including those specializing in Polyurethane.

Our deep-tech investors provided funding and insights into tech-development. The German automotive supplier industry sector deepened our knowhow on safety and scalability. Silicon Valley deeply inspired us too through the sleep teams created by Google and Apple.

With these connections in place, Variowell’s knowledge base became industry-leading. Tobias was asked to head up working groups by the Consumer Technology Association or the US based National Sleep Foundation. That’s still happening today.

"Working with an international team on sleep-related topics—I never knew work could be this much fun!"

Tobias Kirchhoff, Founder & CEO

On our journey, we’ve developed a variety of innovative, state-of-the-art products. Kikoo: the only natural cooling technology that keeps everyone comfortably cool for 12+ hours. Swayy: combining the natural cooling of Kikoo with low-energy warming bands. And so much more.

Though Variowell is scaling up, we’ve kept our ‘start-up’ spirit and dedication that defined us from the beginning. And we’ll stay focused on our original vision of creating a sleep-tech that delivers a better sleep experience from very first night.

Products and projects

We’re on an evolving sleep-tech journey, pursuing optimal firmness and temperature control. We know that the needs of our partners are as varied as the habits and experiences of their customers. Through our diverse brands and technologies, we can meet them.