Sleep research nurtures our ideas. Innovative technology empowers us. Industry expertise supports and envelops us. Our goal is to deliver better sleep experiences and create new possibilities in comfort.

Our capabilities

Equipped to create comfort

We use state-of-the-art digital tools and methods to create and optimize new materials. From overnight testing to the precise analysis thermal energy flow in PU-foams, we build deep insights into what happens inside mattresses, pillows and toppers in real life.

Our specialized R&D team supports our customers measurement and product consultants. Meanwhile, our software team develops apps customized for our partners’ target groups. For example, we work with Bosch to develop product controllers and their ongoing updates.

Our focus

Foam mattresses are made from insulating materials. Thermal energy from the body accumulates in the foam overnight. Our innovative technology helps excess heat flow away through natural cooling. It works all night long in all conditions.

Our goal is to make sleep as comfortable as possible without any extra effort from the user. Manufacturers integrate our modules into the mattress; these change firmness during the night to optimize sleep phases. This happens so smoothly the user doesn’t even notice. Feel the difference, not the change.

Our technology


Meet Kikoo, the only natural cooling technology that keeps you comfortably cool for 12+ hours. Kikoo only removes the heat you don’t want from your mattress by using simple physics. So you can sleep and relax at just the right temperature, hour after hour.

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Swayy is a smart technology that adapts to your body’s changing needs. It uses a combination of warming and cooling strips in different areas of your bed, at different stages of your sleep. Simple to use, just connect to the smartphone app and USB-C – and sleep easy.

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Our projects


Tecciō dynamic foam modules are integrated in the manufacturer’s mattress or bed. Controlled by smartphone app, these change the bed’s firmness so smoothly, the user doesn’t notice. The app uses algorithms and real-time data for the best sleep experience.

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Fusion is the new hybrid

Fusion technology connects the mechanical properties of foam with those of springs in a spectacular way. By combining those two materials parallel and not serial with each other the result are viscoelastic springs or adjustable springs. Another fascinating technology in the toolbox of Variowell.

People & Culture

We’ve built our culture by trusting our people and learning-by-doing. Our highest goal is to communicate openly, and we’re largely non-hierarchical in the way we work. Underpinning all we do is a belief in science and a respect for each other.